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Scuba Classes



$45 for adults or children (must be swimmers) All gear included in this 2 hours class.



$100 pp.  Ages 10 and up.  This is a perfect activity for children or adults.  If you want to try scuba diving in the warm, calm waters of our pool, this is for you.  This 3 hour course introduces you to the rules of scuba diving, fits your for equipment then gets you into the pool where you can try breathing underwater.  Ages 10 and up.  Must be a swimmer, be comfortable in the water, able to equalize (pop) your ears and be free of asthma, diabetes, or other chronic lung, heart of other respiratory disease.



Ages 15 and up.  

Pool portion is $100

Dive portion is $125

First you meet and shop and we fit you for gear and go over some information,

Next, we take you to our pool and get you used to the equipment and basic scuba skills.  

Then we take you to a shipwreck off the beach in 20 ft. of water.  You must be in good physical health, a swimmer, VERY comfortable in the water and able to carry 50 lbs.  You must also be able to equalize your ears, be free of any chronic heart, lung or other resp. disease, asthma or diabetes.  If this sounds like some thing you would be interested in, give us a call to book. 



$225.00  Complete your scuba training with us after having completed academic and pool portions at home. Includes SCUBA gear and 4 open-water dives. We are a Universal Referral Facility, meaning we can complete dives with you for a NAUI, PADI, SSI, YMCA etc. certification.  (You must have personal gear (mask, snorkel, fins, boots), or you can purchase it here. 

If we are providing C-card there is a $30 fee for the card)



$150.00  Has it been more than a year  since your last dive? Choose a Rusty Diver Check-out Dive.  An instructor or Divemaster will cover the basics  and get you ready for your next diving adventure. Includes dive with instructor in our training quarry, Does not include equipment.  Rent Scuba Gear package which includes tank, BC, regulator w/octo, gauge, wetsuit and weight. $50

Personal Gear Package if needed: $25 include, mask, snorkel, fins, boots, gloves.



$395 Regular Schedule

$495 SCUBA and NITROX Combined

$575 Compressed Course (1 week)

$650 Private Class (1 on 1 with instructor)

Entry level open-water diving class for ages 10+. The regular course includes all instruction, textbook, pool fees and skills, log book, certification card, 4 open water dives and scuba gear associated with dives. (Students will need to purchase their own personal gear; mask, snorkel, fins, booties.  The class involves:  8-10 hours of instruction.  We offer day and evening classes.  10 hours of pool skills- learning to use gear and SCUBA skills, 4 open-water dives- 3-4 hours per day over 2 days (can be completed in our private quarry, off the beach, or at a quarry or Florida in winter months. 


Notes: You must be a good swimmer and in good physical condition with no breathing problems (asthma, diabetes, heart or lung illness).   You must be able to swim underwater for a short difference and be able to equalize your ears.   You must be very comfortable in the ocean.  Students will need to purchase their own mask, snorkel fins, booties and gloves.  Do NOT purchase them before class starts as we discuss types of equipment required for scuba diving. We also offer a compressed class ($575) that takes 4 straight days of pool and dives, plus home study before you arrive. The fee includes classroom materials, all instruction, pool fees, and 4 open-water dives and certification card.  (Does not have to be continuous days but all dives must be completed within 3 months of finishing pool work).





One day or 2 half days

Learn breath-hold (freediving) diving techniques.   This is an introduction course and is necessary if you wish to start freediving (breath hold diving).  You will learn proper breathe hold techniques, the science behind freediving and pool skills such as equalizing, finning, diving,  weighting yourself properly and safety skills.  Students must be 12 years old and up.  Class includes classroom and dives  You must be a good swimmer, very comfortable in the water.  Students need to own, purchase  or rent their own personal gear (long fins, mask, snorkel).  Course includes classroom and pool time.  Fees include instruction, openwater dives.



Classroom portion - $50

In-water training - $100 

Add Spearfishing charter:  $130

(If you want a full scuba certification course that includes a 

NAUI Hunter and Gatherer certification card cost is $199 total and you must be scuba certified)

Want to learn all about spearfishing?  We offer a intro to spearfishing course for ages 12 and up.  We go over all the equipment needed including guns, wetsuits, fins, masks, weights, etc. We show you how to choose your gear, types of guns and how to rig them and go over safety and etiquette.   The lecture portion takes place at our shop.  If you sign up for the in-water portion, we go to our private training quarry located close to our shop and teach you the basics of equipment use, weighting and freediving.   

You will need to own, purchase or rent your equipment (mask, fins, snorkel, weights and belt, wetsuit).  



*Choose any 2 classes and save $50!

Wreck Diving - $199

Deep Diver - $199

Training Assitant - $199

Peak Buoyancy - $149

Navigation - $149​

​Night Diver - $149

Underwater Naturalist - $149

Fees include all instruction and certification card or certificate.

Boat Fees, if required, are additional and Rental gear is not included




Add Wreck Dive, Nitrox or Spearfishing  for $100 each

Next level up from beginner. Must be 15+ years old, hold a scuba diver certification from any agency (Padi, SSI, SDI, etc.), and all personal gear (including mask, snorkel, fins, booties, slate, compass, flashlight, and wreck reel). Course consists of review of skills and equipment and 6 dives with an instructor: one dive will be deeper than 60 ft (not to exceed 130 ft), one night or low-visibility, one navigation, 3 others of choice by you and your instructor. Fees include textbook, all instruction and Naui certification card.  Boat fees are additional for all scuba classes, spearfishing classes..  You must own your own or rent all your diving equipment from our dive shop




Required for the purchase of Nitrox gas for tanks. Must be 15+ years old, have a NAUI advanced certification or equivalent, and all personal gear. Includes classroom materials, certification card, 6 hours of instruction (classroom or online), and 2 dives using Nitrox.  Learn the physics behind oxygen and nitrogen, while studying safe Nitrox practices.  Fees include textbook and classroom materials, all instruction,and Naui certification card.  Boat fees are additional.  You must own your own or rent all your diving equipment.




Add Nitrox for $100

​ Rescue skills and self-rescue skills to manage risks and handle diving emergencies and rescues. Must be 15+ years old, have a NAUI advanced certification or equivalent, CPR and First Aid certifications, and all personal gear. Includes textbook, all instruction and Naui certification card.  




​Add Training Assistant for $50

Meant for honing recreational diving skills or for those wishing to proceed to a leadership course. Must be 15+ years old, have a NAUI advanced certification or equivalent, and all personal gear. Includes all instruction (classroom or online), 8 dives, and a certification card. Dives will test your skills to the limit and expand your capabilities and experience.  You must own your own gear or rent it.  Text book is additional.  Required dives: Emergency procedures / rescue, deep / simulated decompression diving, night / low-vis, navigation, search & recovery (light salvage) Elective dives (choices): skin diving, environmental study, air consumption, boat diving, shore diving, hunting & collecting, etc. 


Must be 18+ years old, have a NAUI master diver certification or equivalent, rescue certification, CPR and First Aid certification.  Must have completed a NAUI FIT course and have all scuba and personal gear. Must also acquire medical approval and proof of good physical condition within 12 months of taking classes, and purchase all required classroom materials.


NAUI FIT - $150

This is a pre-requisite for all NAUI leadership courses.


Qualifies for leading trips, lots of employment options, may enter an instructor training course (ITC) once certified as a Divemaster.  Must have 60 logged dives



Are you an instructor for another agency and want to earn your Naui Instructor rating?  Give us a call



Want to become a NAUI Scuba Instructor? Call for further information